Bring Me The Horizon Live in HK 2014 - words from the band

This is the video from the band promoting their upcoming short South East Asia Tour next month:

Nov 19 - Bangkok, Thailand
Nov 21 - Hong Kong, China (the show I’m going to!)
Nov 23 - Taipei, Taiwan

The tickets for their show in Hong Kong is on sale now at Cityline and Tomlee ticket outlets. Maybe I will see some of you at the show? :)

Anonymous asked: Have bmth new songs ?

They have a new song called “Drown” which will be released in December after their Wembley show :) You can preorder the new single on iTunes now too!

onelastbeginning asked: Oh they so will, it's interesting leafing through the members' personal twitters and IG to see how long this song has been in the works. You're lucky though! Bmth haven't come here since 2011 :/

Probably they’ve been working on the new materials while they’re on tour and off time, haha. Actually BMTH haven’t been to Hong Kong and play a show before, this will be their first visit and I’m so stoked for this show!:)

onelastbeginning asked: excited for Drown?

YESSSSSSS! I hope they’ll perform the new song in Hong Kong when I see them live next month :D

Anonymous asked: I mean the song :D

That song is from Suicide Season (if I rmb right) so it’s from 2008. Hope I get your question answered :)

Anonymous asked: Why are not you doing anything new?

The more new stuff release from the band, the more new stuff I will post here :)

Anonymous asked: Do you know from what a year "i love you and goodbye" is ? Sorry for my english.

I’m sorry I can’t get your question. Do you mean the song or…?

Anonymous asked: Are you german ?

No. I’m a Hong Konger :)

btrrush asked: Hiiiiii so i'm going to the bmth concert in Hong Kong and was just wondering if you know anyone who's going too?? I literally have no one going with me omfg

A few of my friends will be going, but they’re not on tumblr very often. (We usually contact on twitter) you can follow my twitter or my personal blog first :)